Uman Rosh Hashanah 2


The Kavanah and spirtuality is amazing in Uman. Nowhere in the world will you experience such fire.
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The trip to Uman is very uplifting spiritually. For some it is a way of letting loose from the burdens of difficulties back home, while for others the fire within them is lit and they find Uman a great place to increase in their studies.






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For some, the quiet serenity is fruitful to their being.




As much as Uman is a serious atmosphere for inner reflection and growth, it is also a fun and exciting vacation from normalcy.
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umcandle1.JPG (23081 bytes) It is a custom to light candles by the gravesite of Tzaddikim. One of the amazing things about Uman is the Kids. Children get so much out of it, not only the adults. The Rebbe says, if you bring your child to Uman before they are 7 years old, they will be able to attain higher levels of purity when they are older.



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